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Winter's Depths

At this time of year in the UK the natural world is seemingly still, motionless, waiting for something - perhaps the return of the longer days and the warmth of the sun, prompting it into action, pushing through the earth to unfurl its glory in the spring. Meanwhile, in the modern world, we are still pushing ourselves to the limit: working long hours before a well earned break, many of us preparing for Christmas: buying, eating, partying and general celebratory chaos to end the year!

Water is the element of winter: the end of one cycle and the beginning of the next. It is the most yin of all the elements associated with Five Element acupuncture symbolising the hidden depths at which nature is still working. In clinic, many of us will be using beautiful winter 'horary' or seasonal points which support our patients at this time of year. Bl66 Penetrating Valley offers 'quiet purposeful calm' with Ki10 Yin Valley giving our patients the resources to 'reassure and the profound strength' found within themselves (Hatton 2014). You will notice that the name of the points reflects the peaceful, protective quality of the treatment, sheltering the patient, enabling them to repose and reflect on the year past before moving on to the next.

At this most yin time, remember to take time for yourself; reflect what is going on in nature. Gather in and take stock. Gather in and look after yourself. Gather in and prepare for the new year ahead.

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