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Five Element Acupuncture
Suffolk, Norfolk & Cambridgeshire


Acupuncture is a branch of traditional medicine that has been practised in China and the far east for thousands of years. It has been developed, tested, researched and refined over this time into a treatment option accessed by increasing numbers of patients in the West. Without the benefit of modern scientific equipment, the first acupuncturists discovered many now familiar aspects of biomedical science.

A growing body of evidence-based clinical research is discovering how the body responds to acupuncture and its benefits for a wide range of common health conditions.   Current National Institute for Health and Care Excellence guidelines suggest acupuncture as a viable treatment option for pain relating to a wide range of conditions.   In clinic, people come for help with conditions such as: menopause, regulating menstrual cycles, male and female pre-conception health, regulating emotions, IVF support, sleep concerns, IBS and post-op care. Many people have acupuncture to also relieve specific aches and pains such as osteoarthritis of the knee, TMJ pain, headaches and low back pain, or for common health problems like an overactive bladder.  Other people choose acupuncture when they can feel their bodily functions are out of balance but have no obvious western medical diagnosis leading to western medical treatment.  Many also have regular treatments simply because they find it beneficial and relaxing.

The focus for a traditional acupuncturist is on the patient as an individual and not just their specific illness, and all symptoms are seen as part of an interconnected pattern. Treatment involves the insertion of very fine needles into specific points which are said to affect the flow of your body’s qi, or vital energy, although there is ongoing research and study that suggests what many practitioners already know: that inserting needles into the channels (or meridians) affects change within the human body, and the term 'energy' is rather simplistic.

Classical Chinese Five Element Acupuncture is a particularly holistic form of acupuncture as it not only treats the symptoms of disease but also the root cause of the problem, aiming to promote long term relief and wellness.  Consequently, this form of acupuncture works effectively on many levels; treating the whole person.

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The Research

There has been a great deal of research into the efficacy of acupuncture over the last few years, so in order to help sift 'fact from fiction' the British Acupuncture Council (BAcC) have compiled a selection of fact sheets which provide accurate and unbiased general information for a variety of conditions. Clicking on the following  link will allow you to access more information on the BAcC website: 


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